CBFA responds to Minister McKenna’s call to Canadians to work together to forge solutions to the challenge of climate change

By June 6, 2016Blog

As we have been reminded over the course of this early fire season here in Canada, our northern boreal forests and the communities and industries that reside in them are at the front lines of the accumulating impacts of our changing climate – the increased frequency and intensity of wildfires, the increased frequency and intensity of flooding, deepening droughts, early on-set of spring, etc, etc. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Hon. Katherine McKenna, has recently been imploring Canadians to work together to forge solutions to the challenge of climate change in a manner that protects the environment and promotes a prosperous clean economy.  I am very pleased to work with over thirty organizations in the marketplace, in the forest industry and the conservation community that have been and will continue to respond to the Minister’s call.  Building on the forest industry remarkable leadership in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 66% since that now forgotten Kyoto deadline of 1990, the CBFA signatories have been collaboratively forging common ground on the vast mitigation potential that can be found in Canada’s boreal forest and the wood products derived from them and the significant potential synergies between boreal forest adaptation and mitigation strategies.  The signatories have been working together across Canada to forge conservation outcomes to enhance the resilience of the boreal forest and facilitate adaptation to the on-going impacts of climate change, to adapt forest practices to reduce the ecological effects of forestry, to better understand the climate change and biodiversity advantages of conservation and wood products versus competitor products and to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Leading this work for the environmental community has been the climate change expert Florence Daviet of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.  Leading the work for the forest industry and the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) has been Ben Filewod, a brilliant consultant, in close collaboration with FPAC’s technical lead, Bob Larocque, Vice President, Climate Change, Environment and Labour. Christine Burow, Climate Change Coordinator for the CBFA Secretariat, has been supporting the work of the signatories along with an array of independent science and technical experts from academia, the consulting community and the government of Canada. By Aran O’Carroll.

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