On The Move campaign huge hit with kids in Edmonton

By December 17, 2013Blog, On the Move
Edmonton, Alberta

Our On The Move campaign touched down in Edmonton recently to talk science and showcase our giant travelling floor map of the magnificent boreal forest.

The CBFA, and our campaign partner, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), were guests of 16th International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Conference, which brought together scientists from around the world.

Our senior science advisor, Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, held a press conference and delivered a speech to the IBFRA event citing the CBFA as a model for applying the world’s leading science to on-the-ground environmental and economic realities.

And in another keynote speech to the conference, Avrim Lazar, one of the CBFA’s founding members, took the importance of science a step further when he told the audience of renowned scientists that the CBFA is a model for unlocking global environmental gridlock.

Our gigantic floor map was a huge hit with the Grade 4/5 class at Baturyn School in Edmonton and their teacher Kristy Woods. The children participated in an educational exercise that allowed them to take off their shoes and explore the map in minute detail on their hands and knees. Their knowledge of the boreal forest was most impressive!

As part of our ongoing On the Move campaign video series, we have put together a short video of the event, as well as separate videos featuring our speakers at the conference and press conference highlights.

The video series will follow our map as it travels across the country to promote the importance of conserving our boreal forest and boreal forest industry to school children and other organizations.

Click here to view highlights of our latest visit to Edmonton.

Click here to view our Edmonton Press Conference highlights video.

Aran O’Carroll, CBFA Executive Director