Dentists know better that it’s normal for some children to feel anxiety before a dental visit. Research says that 11% among over 440 children who have been to the dentist aged 9 to 12 years didn’t like their dental visit. While 12% stated, they felt scared.

Bad experiences in the dental clinic or how the personnel treats them are likely a significant reason children have dental stress and anxiety. While a warm and friendly dental staff can make young patients cooperate much better. In addition, the decoration and setup of a dental office play an important part in encouraging young patients to come back for another dental appointment.

Below are some unique theme concepts that dental clinic owners can consider:


Anxious young patients can feel at ease when dental facilities give them a friendly and non-threatening environment. For example, owners can design their clinic like a kids movie theater. This is especially helpful since not all individuals had a stress-free trip on their way to the dentist. Aside from welcoming them with a smile, they can get comfortable when something catches their attention during their dental visit.

Whether putting it in the reception or working area, taking the time to choose skilled and experienced artists plays a vital part in the outcome of the design.

Underwater Themes

Young patients can experience having an underwater adventure in a dental clinic with ocean murals to help ease their tension. Designers can include images of sea creatures, which attract their attention and help make them forget about the procedure they will be having. This helps encourage them to come back for the next appointment because they have something to look forward to.

When searching for professional designers or artists for your project, it’s always best to ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, or colleagues or look online. Ensure to visit their websites and see their portfolio to have an idea of how they work. Also, always ask about hidden charges, especially if you have a tight budget.

Fun and Educational Mural Wallpaper

It can help ease young patients’ anxiety if they understand dental procedures and treatments better. This is possible by discussing it with them clearly in simple words. You can also consider decorating your clinic with child-friendly images. Maybe an interesting character they are familiar with, demonstrating proper ways to have white and healthy teeth.

This will not only engage and educate your young clients regarding good dental health, but it will also provide a vibrant atmosphere to your office.

Seek and Find Murals

This is a perfect decoration for pediatric dental clinics, especially in the waiting area. While young clients wait for their session, they can have something fun to do. Both parents and children can look for different objects hidden on the mural.

You can choose from a wide range of layouts, such as a ranch, amusement park, outer space, etc. You can also provide suggestions to your artists if you have some concepts in mind.


Though this is not necessarily designed in your clinic, you can bring your desired style outside through a decorated vehicle. This is also an excellent way to promote your clinic and services. Everywhere you go, like when you go shopping, people can see it as moving shopping mall billboards.

Use attractive vinyl wraps and 3D characters that children love. This functions best in flat top cars, such as Ford Flex, Toyota Scion, and most pick-up trucks. But if you have a different existing car, your designers will find a way to make it happen. So, ensure to choose versatile and talented designers.



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