Working Together

By January 28, 2016Blog

Most people have never been to or even heard of the Saskatchewan River Delta (SRD). How strangely shocking given the group that finds itself here have embarked on a trip that can be ranked amongst those of a lifetime. 600 kilometres north of Regina, the upper delta also known as the Cumberland Marshes, make up half of a one million hectare life-support system relatively unknown as one of the most biologically diverse in Canada. An abundance of fish, large and fur-bearing mammals and waterfowl numbering in the hundreds of thousands (their migration here uninterrupted since the ice age), this ever-changing aquatic system consists of active and abandoned river channels and wetlands.

The group, along with local community members, think the world should celebrate this place. That’s why representatives from forest company Weyerhaeuser, environmental group Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS SK), the University of Saskatchewan and Canadian Geographic magazine are here. They want to hear directly from community members – to understand current threats to the area and what aspirations exist for it’s future – and share their story.

Weyerhaeuser and CPAWS SK are working with local communities to see if support exists for a protected area in the Mossy River Plain area which encompasses a portion of the SRD.

Preliminary outreach indicates that it does. Weyerhaeuser and CPAWS SK continue to discuss the future of the area with local community leadership and the provincial government who have jurisdiction and authority over land management decisions. For more information or updates, contact Chanda Hunnie, Saskatchewan Regional Working Group Coordinator.

You can read the full Canadian Geographic story here.


Chanda Hunnie is the regional co-ordinator for the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement’s Regional Working Groups in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

1787 Copyright Garth Lenz/Canadian Geographic (Gary Carriere, Northern Village of Cumberland House/ Chanda Hunnie, CBFA Secretariat/Chris Miller, Canadian Park and Wilderness Society/Aran O’Carroll, CBFA Secretariat/ Graham Strickert, Global Institute for Water Security, U of S)
2068 Copyright Garth Lenz/Canadian Geographic (left to right: John Daisley, Weyerhaeuser/ Gary Jr. Carriere, Northern Village of Cumberland House)