Most pet owners take their pets to the veterinarian only when they are sick or when something is seriously wrong. However, regular visits to the veterinarian are essential for your pet’s health. As with humans, pets need a thorough check.

These reasons are just some of the very many why regular veterinary visits are essential, what to expect during a checkup and what your veterinarian may recommend for your pet to live a long, happy life.

What is the significance of routine veterinary visits?

Many pet owners believe that their pet needs to be seen by a vet only if they have a medical problem. This is false. Routine examinations allow doctors to assess how your pet is developing over time. They may also discover any underlying issues that may affect your pet’s health.

Your veterinarian can usually spot a significant illness in your cat or dog and help you prevent it from becoming severe. This is why it is essential to bring your pet in for a thorough exam. The more information you know about your pet, the better.

What happens during a pet exam?

During a routine pet visit, most Greensboro Carolina Vet do a physical examination. A veterinarian may examine your pet’s skin, lips, tail, skin, and coat. It is essential to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

Did you know that 8/10 dogs suffer from dental problems? That bacteria can travel to different parts of their bodies and cause infection. Additionally, the skin and coat are two of the most important organs in the body. Your veterinarian will most likely inspect them. A dog’s dull coat could indicate a problem with its body. Healthy skin is essential for your pet.

Senior pets need to be screened for signs that could indicate a serious illness, such as arthritis or other joint problems. Your veterinarian may spend some time checking the bones and joints. Your veterinarian may also recommend products that improve your pet’s health and longevity.

Immunizations should be up to date.

Additionally, your veterinarian that specializes in veterinary internal medicine will want to check that your pet is currently on vaccinations. That is why regular vet appointments are recommended for all pets. Vaccinations are necessary because they help prevent potentially fatal infections in your pet and protect other animals in your household. 

Due to concerns over “over-vaccination,” many pet owners have stopped vaccinating their pets. However, veterinarians still believe that your cat’s safety and health are paramount. World Vet Day is an opportunity for veterinarians to promote vaccinations. Every year, veterinarians across the globe try to raise awareness on a particular topic during the last week in April. 

This year it’s vaccines. This is a reminder that many pets are at high risk due to their owners not vaccinating them. This includes senior cats and dogs and puppies and kittens that haven’t had their last vaccines.


Routine veterinarian appointments contribute to your pet’s longevity, health, and happiness. Annual or biannual checkups help identify and treat growing health concerns, which is critical for extending your pet’s time with you. 

Early identification and intervention enable your veterinarian to treat a disease in its infancy and subsequently control it with medication or simple lifestyle adjustments. Your veterinarian may give you guidance on assisting your pet to live a healthy life and avoid future medical problems.


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